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As of September 2015 our original story has evolved a little bit. Once we purchased and reopened this old store our other family members came in and purchased the Jesse Lester Tavern. The land of the tavern surrounds the store and once we combined all of our assets we dug a well and a septic and finally got this store running water. The store never had running water until 2007. We also built and opened an amphitheater right behind the store. Put in public restrooms and opened a grill.

We also opened up Yadkin River Adventures, Inc. across the road from the store. This gives visitors and locals even more to do in Rockford. You can come spend an entire day here with us, eating, kayaking, browsing and just plain relaxing. We hope you enjoy our story and will come to visit us soon.

Our Story in 2004
Rockford General Store located on the banks of the Yadkin River just over the county line plans its reopening the 4th of July Weekend 2004. The Store has been closed since the unexpected death of its owner, Annie Gray Seats Barnett in September, 2003. Annie died peacefully in her sleep September 18th at the age of 73. Many people have speculated and rumors have abound about what will happen to the General Store that has been in Rockford since the early 1920's. Annie had worked for the past 30 years to provide locals and visitors a feeling of times gone by. Always with a smile she was ready to dish out Candy, Gifts, and Whatnots that loaded the general store from floor to ceiling.

A new generation arrived at the Village in early June and fell in love with the area. Paul & Carolyn Carter were out house-hunting and came upon Rockford. "We've lived in Winston-Salem all our lives and never knew this place existed, its history is wonderful ". After talking with a few of the ladies of Rockford they found out that the store and the Railroad Section House may be for sale. They ontacted the niece and nephews of Annie Gray and have purchased both Historical Properties.

"Running a store is in our blood" said Carter whose Grandfather and Uncle ran a general store in the small town of Powellsville, NC. Carolyn's Great Grandfather ran a Country Store close to the intersection of Highway 801 and Farmington Rd. in Farmington, NC for years. "These types of stores used to be the hub of activity for many a town throughout the US. Today, it's not just a place to stop and get a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk, it's a feeling as soon as you step foot in the door".

After Paul and Carolyn stumbled across the Village they had to share what they had found with Paul's Sister, Pam and her husband Robin Foy. Robin grew up in nearby Mt. Airy. The Village of Rockford put its charm on them as well. Pam just had to be a part of the store, after all it's in her blood too, and Rockford General Store, Inc. was formed.

"Not much will change" said Foy "this is perfect the way it is". Carolyn Carter, with her background in computers has put together a web site to help promote the store and the area. It will be full of information, history, and happenings in the area.

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